Mike Casey was Managing Director of Rosewood Sand Hill in Silicon Valley and he noticed a shift in the way tech employees were working and playing. He realized that the changing landscape required a new definition of luxury that met the needs of today's consumers. Mike left Rosewood with a determination to understand and deliver a truly modern luxury experience for guests in a way that would also increase revenue and profit for owners and investors.

Mike thought, “Where better to learn about tech employees and Millennials than Google?” So he joined Guckenheimer, overseeing their San Francisco Google locations (G@G) to gain a deep understanding of the latest trends in food, technology, sustainability and workplace preferences. Over the next four and a half years, Mike was promoted to manage all of the G@G locations across the United States and performed at award-winning levels, winning Google Food Awards for #1 Catering Team in the Americas, #1 Café in the Americas and Micro-Kitchen Team of the Year.

While Mike was focused on hospitality trends, his partner, Laura Rose, was leading Bay Area teams in multi-media and digital marketing – areas critical to engaging with consumers across multiple platforms today. The two of them founded Storey Hospitality in 2016 to serve hospitality clients across Northern California from the Wine Country to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Monterey Peninsula. 

Together Mike and Laura have assembled a team of award-winning professionals to provide clients with comprehensive experience in operations, finance, sales, digital marketing, food and beverage, guest experiences, wellness and millennial consumer preferences, and work with clients to deliver results.

In 2019, Storey Hospitality partnered with principals of Broadreach Capital Partners to create Storey Hotel Management Group, offering a customized approach to hotel management which meets the unique needs and goals of property owners.