Passion for Excellence

The Storey Hospitality team is committed to achieving excellence in every area of operations. From financial forecasting to customer service, we have an unwavering desire to attain industry-leading results that lead to satisfied owners, customers, and employees.

Innovative Solutions

We question our systems and processes on an ongoing basis in order to be constantly stretching and evolving to improve performance results. Staying on top of the latest innovations in technology allows us to recommend and implement the best solutions for our clients.

Financial Results

We believe that when financial goals are met or exceeded, everyone wins. Owners are happy with their investments, employees get increased training, benefits and salaries, and customers enjoy enhanced properties, service and amenities.

Genuine Connections

The hospitality industry is about more than just a nice place to stay for the night or place to have a great meal. We believe authentic connections between staff and guests and creative programming that connects people to properties in meaningful ways is what keeps employees happy and guests coming back for more.

People not Positions

It is our belief that having the right people in place and investing in their career growth leads to employees that are happier, feel invested in the property and committed to going above and beyond for guests. No matter what title a person has, we believe they are an equal and integral part of what makes the organization successful as a whole.

Environmental Efforts

Storey Hospitality is committed to incorporating sustainable practices in our operating processes. Whether implementing new procedures or technology or partnering with local organizations in the communities we serve, we constantly strive to find ways to reduce a property's impact on the environment and positively affect change within the industry.